November 2018

During November, besides other tasks, the Natura 2000 project focused its work on the management of future Natura 2000 sites.

Although not of immediate need – as this topic becomes relevant only after the establishment of the Natura 2000 network – the importance of the management should not be underestimated, specifically when it comes to stakeholder involvement. This term is frequently used by politicians and decision makers, but the reality shows that the different interests and needs of those who are affected by management measures are rarely taken into account. Consequently, this leads to conflicts, mistrust and even aggression.

An international expert, Ms. Erika Stanciu, who has exceptional knowledge and practical experience in protected areas and Natura 2000 management, helped to prepare ’Management guidelines for future Natura 2000 sites for different stakeholder groups‘. During her inception mission, she interviewed a wide range of relevant stakeholders from different sectors (forestry, agriculture, hunting, spatial planning, NGOs, etc.), and started drafting guidelines which will be presented and discussed in a workshop early 2019. The guiding document will contribute to the practical implementation of the EU Nature Directives and will promote the integration of conservation objectives into other sectoral policies. Furthermore, working with stakeholders contributes to smoothen the communication, improve information sharing and awareness raising and therefore, helps to avoid conflicts.