December 2018

In December the work on the management guidelines for future Natura 2000 site went on and closely related, an information workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoARD) was organized. The effects of Natura 2000 implementation on agriculture, forestry and hunting were discussed, involving issues such as legal opportunities and challenges, lessons learned and recommendations based on the experience from other countries as well as an overview of the current EU funding opportunities. Welcome speeches were given by Ms. Vojinovic, Director General in the MoSDT, Mr. Andjelic, State Secretary (MoARD), Mr. Spitz, Head of Cooperation in the EU Delegation and Mr. Fetic, Director General in the MoARD. The event was well-attended, over 40 representatives from different stakeholder groups participated. Due to some controversial subjects, interesting discussions took place but in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Do we have pictures?

During this month the Natura 2000 Team was also occupied by organizing the 7th Steering Committee meeting and presenting the Interim Report covering activities during the period 26th April to 25th October 2018.

As the Natura 2000 project is coming soon to the end, the last month of the year was also used for detailed planning exercises, on how and when to implement the final tasks of the project.