August 2018 – No holidays, the field work is going on

Ornithologists can relax and enjoy some free days due to the general end of the territorial displaying period of birds, but for habitats and species experts the work is going on. Between 8 and 10 of August, the Team Leader Sissi Samec had the chance to accompany two habitat experts in the field. Here is her report:

The mission led us to the Prokletije mountains stretching along the Montenegrin–Albanian border. As the experts are specialized in rocky grasslands habitats and their flora we had to reach the Alpine meadows above the tree line. On the first day this was quite easy. After a meeting in the morning with the Director of the National Park, Mr. Admir Lalic, a ranger joined us and we drove by car up to the Bogićevica area. Where the forest road ended, the field work started, identifying habitats and their dominate plant species and slowly moving towards the ridge where we could look down to the Albanian side.

The second day was not that easy; we started from the Grebaja valley and had to climb up through a beech forest to Volušnica. It was extremely hot but after the demanding ascent we were rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view. I felt speechless, standing in front of this breathtaking mountain massif, a grandiose landscape with numerous peaks, Alpine river valleys, steep slopes and all its biodiversity.