June 2018 – Intensive fieldwork and monitoring field visit


After the workshop for habitat experts, intensive fieldwork of habitat field experts has started. In July, all experts were on board. Mr Hosek, who is in charge for the coordination of habitat experts stated: “By simplifying the methodology we expect to achieve more efficient habitat mapping. We have to be aware of the fact that this is the last field season and of we have the responsibility that all preselected areas have to be completely finalized. It will be interesting to see the final habitat layer”.
The species teams were also active in the field: large carnivores, invertebrates and reptiles and amphibians. Before the work in field started, detailed work plans were prepared based on the results of the desktop research overtaken over the winter and the results from the last fieldwork season.
In addition, EU Delegation representatives decided to join the fieldwork for two days. Mr. Slađan Maslac, Project Task Manager and Mr. Petr Roth, EU monitoring expert joined field activities on 5-6th June. On this occasion they had the opportunity to be introduced how does the work in the field function for: reptiles and amphibian experts, for habitat mapping expert and for birds as well. More details you can read from the Report.

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