July 2018 – Peak of the field season

For July, the office team had to be well prepared! Already in the first week of month 8 experts teams started with their field missions, some of them for the first time and some  lasted even for 15 days.

To ensure that everything is going smoothly, there are many steps to be taken before fieldwork can start.

Firstly, a detailed work plan has to be prepared for each month. This provides the bases to ensure that the Fulcrum application accounts are properly distributed.  In the preparatory phase, also the approval from the EU Delegation for the work plan and the work over weekend needs to be obtained, as well as all protected areas managers have to be informed.

All experts are obliged to be equipped with tablets as the data are being collected electronically, using the Fulcrum application. Besides this, habitat experts are also provided with hard copy maps of the area. For hardly accessible areas experts usually need 4WD cars.

In July, fieldwork has been carried out by 8 habitat and 11 species experts within 100 working days.

The geo-referenced records are automatically sent to the database and on the photo you can see how it looks like. More details can be found in the expert ’s Monthly mission reports which were provided by 3rd August.

















Habitats experts records                                                                                                                                                                                   Species experts records

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