May 2018 – Great results from the bird camp and preparations for the habitats mapping season


On 5th May the bird camp came to its end. The main focus of the fieldwork, which involved 26 people, was checking the data on distribution and numbers of Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, especially on the leks. The fieldwork took place in four regions of Northern Montenegro: Pivske planine and parts of Golija mountain, Durmitor and parts of Tara canyon, Prošćenske planine (mountains) and Bjelasica.

During 8 field days we managed to visit 28 Capercaillie leks and only on two of them the birds or their tracks (droppings, tracks in snow) were not found. On the remaining 26 leks we confirmed 74 Capercaillie males and 18 females. Apart from the Capercaillies many other Annex I bird species were recorded, most of them important for the selection of Natura 2000 sites for birds in this part of the country. The numbers of some of them came as surprise and changed significantly our perception, exceeding local and national estimates.

Meanwhile, a two-day-long field training for habitat experts was held in Moracke planine KBA and Komarnica canyon on 15-16th May. Its aim was to present and discuss the technical approach (methodology) on habitat mapping directly in the field and, if needed, to modify the approach.

Beside all habitat experts, who attended the workshop, support came from Belgrade as well! Famous professor, Dmitar Lakusic, took  part in the training process and decided to join the team of habitat mappers in the upcoming season.

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