April – Time for fieldwork and reporting

While the Habitat Directive component is having final preparations, the Bird team is ready for the fieldwork.
We are proud to say that by end of April a Bird voluntary camp has started.  The camp is focused on Capercaillie surveys, but data on other species, such as owls and woodpeckers will be collected as well. It started on 27th April, and will be finished only on 5th May.

We are happy to see such a high interest and willingness of people from abroad and from the country to spend their holidays in such a demanding way and to contribute to this activity. Voluntary events are usually demanding in terms of organization, but it seems that this time we have a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic people in place and that everything will run smoothly”, stated Ms. Sissi Samec, Team Leader of the Natura 2000 project.

Besides fieldwork, the team is occupied by preparing the final analyzes from the last field season and making precise plans for the upcoming one.

The fourth interim period ended on 25th April and efforts were put in the preparation of of the Interim report 4, which should present all activities that have been carried out in the previous six months.

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