Join the event: counting owls – Bubo night 2018

It is our pleasure to invite you to the event ‘Bubo night’, which will be, organized in February 2018, for the second time. The most massive volunteer action will last for three days (starting from 16th to 18th February 2018) on three different locations: Pastrovacka gora and Lovcen, Moraca canyon and Bjelopavlici and Lim valley. The event is jointly organized by the Project ‘Establishment of Natura 2000 network’ and CZIP.

European Eagle – Owl is the Annex I of the Bird Directive what puts this owl in focus of Natura 2000 researches, the event title „Bubo night“ comes from its Latin name Bubo bubo. European Eagle –Owl is adopted to the different habitats, from seashore to open step and Mediterranean forest habitats. In Montenegro, it usually inhabits dense forests, and it seems its numerus.

Bubo night is one of most successful research actions in the country, which involves big network of volunteer and helps ornithologists to collect efficiently the most precise data in a very short time.

The methodology of inventorying this species has its own restrictions – one person can only cover one point during the day. This is exactly the reason why to gather as much participants as possible. Let us explain, 30 people in the field cover 30 points and replaces 30 working days of one researcher, this is why your participation would be extremely important!

Last year the first researches of Rumija, Cijevna canyon and Sutorina were conducted, in line with the methodology patented by the Slovenian ornithologist Tomaz Mihelic from DOPPS  – BirdLife Slovenia. With the help of 57 volunteers, during three nights on 35 researching locations and 19 males of Eurasian Eagle-Owl were found. Last year results give us wind in the sails: almost 55% successful findings per inventory point! The average in European countries is having findings on 10-15% of inventories points.

This year we plan to cover 20 points every night, and on Saturday even 40!

Inventories will be conducted on Pastrovica gora and Lovcen slopes (Friday 16th February), Moraca canyon with Bjelopavlici (Saturday 17th February) and Lim Valley (Sunday 18th February).

For the participation on the event, you can register on the following link:  and you can find all logistic information here. While registering, please indicate if you have car and would be willing to contribute to the organization of the transport that night. All fuel cost will be reimbursed.

Bubo night is organized in frame of the project Establishment of Natura 2000 network in Montenegro, financed by the European Union.

Note: Bubo night beside its social component – being great gathering –, is a serious scientific researching work and is not organized in form of an excursion. Therefore, it is not recommended for children (since they cannot stay alone on the far points in the sunset) and the number of participants is restricted by surveying points set in advance.

In case of strong wind, the event will be postponed and all registered participants will be informed on time.

During the registration, priority will be given to biology students, mountaineers and people familiar with birds such as specialized guides.