June 2017 – Time to look back and to improve performance

Extensive field work was carried out during the last months focusing on the preselected Key Biodiversity Areas. In 2017, project experts for all taxonomic groups spent 287 working days in the field, directly incorporating field data into tablets (Fulcrum electronic data gathering system).

When analyzing data from habitat types collected in the field and having discussions with habitat experts, it became obvious that there were some weaknesses in the methodology for habitat mapping. There was also a need for clarifications regarding the Natura 2000 approach – focusing on quality / representativity of habitat types – in comparison with a general biodiversity inventory. Therefore, the project team organized a meeting of habitat experts, which was highly appreciated. As a result, an agreement was reached for the revision of the field methodology; in this way, several problems from field work could have been clarified.

For the bird team the spring season was nearly finalized. Between early March and end of June 2017, bird experts spent 134 working days in the field plus 37 working days as a contribution of volunteers.
During the summer months the main focus will lie on the collection of existing data and the analysis of collected field data.